Sydney Metro City & Southwest – Chatswood to Sydenham

Engineering and Technical Opportunities

JDK was commissioned to work on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project, providing highway services, rail tunnels, and associated transportation infrastructure to Sydney commuters and surrounding communities.

The Chatswood to Sydenham component of the Project is currently underway, including constructing a new metro rail line from Chatswood under Sydney Harbour through Sydney’s CBD to Sydenham. The project will deliver eight new metro stations, with our team offering the following services at these locations:

  • Crows Nest Station box
  • Victoria Cross Station (North Sydney) box
  • Barangaroo Station box and retrieval shaft
  • Martin Place Station box
  • Pitt Street Station box
  • Waterloo Station box
  • Sydenham dive/Station box
  • Chatswood Station box

Key project features include 16 km of the new metro line between Chatswood and Sydenham, 15 km of new twin rail tunnels, the excavation of large-scale station boxes within proximity to heritage-listed infrastructure and close excavation interfaces between the project footprint and existing underground rail corridors.


Sydney Metro City & Southwest – Chatswood to Sydenham


John Holland CPB Ghella
Joint Venture (JHCPBG)/Pells Sullivan Meynink (PSM)


Sydney, Australia

Time Frame

April 2019 – 2020


$11.5 Billion to $12.5 Billion

Approach and Innovation

JDK orchestrated the systematic capture of diverse geotechnical and geological information, including an assessment of roof conditions, crack mapping, final lining reporting, geological defect mapping, and monitoring for rockfall remediation. The geotechnical assessment and confirmation of ground conditions were used to support type design compliance.

JDK was involved in the management of all excavations and associated permits, including a permit to excavate and trench through ground conditions with high defect and weak rock mass. We were also involved in monitoring TBM progress through poor ground conditions and increased water flow areas and carrying out a permit to excavate (review and implementation) through poor ground conditions.

Value Added to Project

JDK is currently working on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project, communicating successfully with multiple stakeholders and providing extensive geotechnical expertise throughout the project. Our team interpreted all practices and reviewed them carefully to ensure accurate ongoing project management and controlled tunnelling risk.

The implementation of monitoring controls was completed with minimal community complaints, client issues, or damage to existing infrastructure. Innovative data collection methods were employed by JDK throughout the project to deliver high-quality data capture for future works.

All project works were delivered safely, within budget, and on time, meeting the contract's design terms precisely. Accurate inferences of ground conditions ensured the client’s efficient distribution of resources and promoted the successful maintenance of the relevant deliverables schedule. JDK is proud to have played a key role in developing new metro stations and associated infrastructure for the Sydney community.

Project Highlights