Survey & Instrumentation

JDK Surveying has the ability to complete detailed land surveying procedures to ensure each project area's foundations. We review each survey carefully and take all necessary steps to guarantee your project’s stability and safety. We specialise in the following survey types:


  • Rapid data collection and analysis
  • On-board GPS receiver to eliminate expensive gridding procedures
  • No environmental footprint
  • Advanced processing
  • Compact, robust, easy-to-assemble field kit
  • Works together with a magnetic susceptibility reader
  • TMI, DEM, RTP, and 1VD

 See some examples of our past surveys and processing capabilities.

Drone Aerial Surveys

  • High-resolution aerial photography, videography, and photogrammetry
  • Generation of large scale geo-rectified Orth mosaics and digital terrain models (DTM)
  • Aerial videography for scouting or promotional purposes
  • Precondition and post condition aerial surveys for documenting environmental impacts and minimising disputes
  • Trimble RTX DGPS system for an absolute accuracy of 4 cm for orthomosaics and DTM models
  • Rapid data collection and analysis
  • No environmental footprint
  • Advanced processing using state-of-the-art “Pix4D” Software
  • CASA qualified remote pilot

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