Culliton Creek Hydro Electric Project

Engineering and Technical Opportunities

The facility involved the construction management and geotechnical rock-cut design to allow the installation of a 3.20km long penstock (1.48m diameter buried pipe both HDPE and steel. Furthermore, the construction of the projects Intake, earth-fill embankment and concrete spillway with a 3.0m high by 15.0m wide inflatable weir. The project boasted two 7.5 MW vertical axis Pelton turbines supplied by rainwater as well as 13km of 69 kV transmission lines.


Culliton Creek Hydro Electric Project


Tetra Tech


British Columbia, Canada

Time Frame



$4 Million

Approach and Innovation

JDK was engaged for blast design, rockfall remediation and rock anchor support design for the Culliton Creek Hydro Electric Project. The 15-megawatt plant was an important regional project designed to support first nation communities in the region.

Value Added to Project

JDK was able to effectively utilise industry best practices for project deliverables. The efficient implementation of blast design, rock anchor support design and rockfall remediation allowed the client to deliver the project on time and within budget. The technical expertise and construction management allowed the successful implementation of the project.

Project Highlights