About Us

We Combine Insight with Experience to Deliver Results


    At JDK, we focus on delivering and upholding our client's expectations at all times. We believe in building strong relationships based on trust and professional responsibility. Our clear communication and mutual respect are vital to delivering consistent and high-quality results.


    Our specialist teams support your vision and help drive your success. We have the skills needed to work with a diverse client base and the expertise required to deliver innovative solutions across industries and disciplines. Our experienced and highly professional teams solve complex problems and provide professional solutions for every project we approach.


    At JDK, we believe in strength through flexibility. We can respond to your changing needs over time to deliver professional solutions based on real-world conditions. Our team is proactive, agile, and highly motivated. We understand and respect altered project scopes and address changing requirements quickly without adding unwanted complexity.

Integrated management system

JDK’s streamlined, integrated management system aims to provide high-quality outcomes delivered in a safe and efficient manner. Our specialist management team can provide the know-how to ensure your project complies with all regulatory requirements.

JDK is compliant with the International Standards Organisation Certifications;

  1. Quality Management System (QMS) certification ISO 9001
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) ISO 45001
  3. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001
  4. Asset Management Systems (AMS) ISO 55001

Quality Assurance

JDK sets and follows strict guidelines that meet and exceed project specifications. We provide comprehensive solutions and deliver beneficial outcomes based on attention to detail and professional responsibility. The quality of our projects is the result of a workplace culture that thrives on innovation and continuous improvement.

Workplace Health & Safety

JDK is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, contractors, and clients. We have strong internal policies and align with our partners to promote safety and transparency for all stakeholders. Our company meets all state and federal health and safety requirements. Several systems and procedures are in place to identify hazards and control risks with state and federal legislation.

JDK implements a proactive workplace culture to ensure safety standards, compliance, and excellence. We offer numerous opportunities for staff training, toolbox talks, investigations, audits, and consultation.

Our organisations make the following commitments to the people who define our success;

  • Encouragement of professional development and connections through industry conferences and functions
  • Providing continuous training to ensure ongoing professional development
  • We meet and exceed all occupational health and safety guidelines
  • We promote ongoing performance improvement through management and risk mitigation
  • We are always committed to personal, physical and mental health and safety

JDK observes Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) aligned to ISO 45001. We are committed to ongoing reporting, health assessment and workplace evaluation of HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Processes) protocols to eliminate work-related injuries.

Environmental Management

JDK supports environmental sustainability and is proactive in protecting Australia's natural environment. Our goal as an organisation is to build a better Australia while preserving natural assets and communities.

JDK has a proven track record of assisting clients with complex regulatory responsibilities. We utilise various experts, including in-house environmental engineers, scientists, occupational hygienists, and auditors, to deliver projects with positive economic outcomes for communities.

Affiliations and Accreditations