JDK offers industry-leading mining solutions for a diverse client base. Our experienced design and exploration teams are focused on achieving outstanding results by exceeding best practice recommendations. Our team of mining engineers offers the following mining services:


JDK mining team is a proven partner and significant force within the Australian mining industry and has proven capabilities internationally.

Our mining design services include:

  • Third-Party Critical Areas Audit (CAA)
  • Mines defect review and analysis
  • Design of MSE walls for rockfall remediation and landslide diversion
  • Resources Feasibility studies (post-mining), UG roadway alignment and longwall panel design
  • Rock cut and tunnel (portal) design, Open cut design rock slopes and high wall design
  • Blast design and review for PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) assessment for adjacent sensitive locations within mining and roadways
  • Design and assessment of large-scale earthworks and rock-fill dams 
  • Blast design, mapping, and evaluation of cut slopes
  • Foundation designs (deep and shallow)
  • Geotechnical inspection, mapping, reporting
  • Secondary support design review
  • LW Recovery - secondary support bolt up plans (reviewed by senior management)
  • TARP and PTM review
  • Implementation of automated UG Monitoring plan system
  • Geotechnical review and analysis of monitoring data, interception and reporting to relevant stakeholders
  • Bearing capacity and landing pad assessment and design

Mining Geology

JDK is a proven and capable leader in the coal and hard rock mining industry. Our specialist team can provide extensive industry best practices throughout mining operations;

  • Mapping of development panels and Longwall mapping
  • RC Core (Reverse Circulation) and RAB (Rapid Air Burst) drilling logging and analysis
  • Resource estimation and QA/QC management (JORC compliant)
  • Installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation (Radar, Prisms and DTM datasets)
  • Soil and groundwater contamination testing
  • Risk identification and control through the implementation of TARPs and other safe work management plans
  • Blast plan design review for resource management and production planning
  • Compilation of geotechnical information for environmental reports
  • Interpreting geological structures for upcoming development panels
  • Reporting on mining hazards - HMP
  • Reporting geotechnical structures and defects, communication to stakeholders
  • Strip/channel sampling - quality and dilution analysis

Exploration Geology

JDK Exploration is a recognised mining engineer leader with extensive industry experience and a proven track record. Our diverse exploration geology services include:

  • Exploration RC-Diamond drilling, design, and project management
  • Logging RC-Diamond datasets and database management
  • Geophysical exploration planning and assessment
  • Geochemical analysis of datasets – XRF, fire assay, ICP, and aqua regia
  • Bulk density testing and analysis
  • QA/QC design and management in compliance with JORC
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Remote area surveying review and assessment
  • Soil sampling and remote area geological reconnaissance
  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation and reporting
  • Aerial photo interpretation, GIS mapping, and cross-analysis with LiDAR and satellite imagery

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