Transport Access Program


The NSW Government improves accessibility at Redfern Station as part of the Transport Access Program. The project aims to provide a station precinct accessible to those with a disability, limited mobility, parents/carers with prams and customers with luggage. Upgrading Redfern Station will make it easier for all customers to access and improve connections between the station and key destinations in the area. The upgrade includes a new concourse at the southern end of the station.


Transport Access Program


NOVORAIL and Redhill Civil


Sydney, NSW

Time Frame

2021 to Current


The Transport Access Program is an initiative to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure. The transport access program is an initiative to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure. The project at Redfern Station is a major suburban railway station (6th busiest station in NSW) with estimated patronage of 70,000 on an average workday (2018 figures). Redfern resides within the local government area of the City of Sydney. 

  • Stations that are accessible to people with a disability, limited mobility and parents with prams
  • Modern buildings and facilities for all modes that meet the needs of a growing population
  • Modern interchanges support an integrated network and allow seamless transfers between all modes for all customers.


JDK was able to package a suite of onsite roles and responsibilities to help reduce overall project costs. JDK delivered Project Management, estimating, quality, programming and construction administrative services which were tailored to the client's needs. Having maintained a strong professional relationship with the client, JDK was engaged with further project engineering work based on the ongoing requirements.

Project Highlights