Grasstree Coal Mine Project

Engineering and Technical Opportunities

Anglo American’s Grasstree Coal mine is an underground coal mine located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Grasstree mine comprises the underground portion of the CapCoal Mine Complex. Utilising longwall mining methodology, the primary seam targeted for production is the German Creek Seam (GC Seam; part of the Permian Rangal Coal Measures). Anglo’s Grasstree mine produces premium quality hard coking coal.


Grasstree Coal Mine Project


Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd (CapCoal)


Central Queensland, Australia

Time Frame

2019 – 2022 (Ongoing)

Project Highlights

Approach and Innovation

JDK was engaged to undertake ongoing Critical Area Audits (CAA) over the years of 2019-2021 within the CapCoal Complex. Extensive geotechnical review and underground site visits were undertaken on the East and Western (historical workings) to adhere to the mines ongoing high standards on design compliance and mine safety. The mines CAA represents an ongoing safety measure that Anglo American conducts as part of the Operations Management System.

In addition to the CAA’s, JDK provides ongoing geotechnical and geological recommendations and site coverage to ensure the daily requirements of the technical services department are met throughout the project’s remaining production years.

JDK were acquired in 2021 to complete a defect review of the mines older workings. The ongoing works and continual services offered to the Client reflect the commitment and level of services that JDK has provided over the past three years.

Value Added to the Project

JDK's management team were responsible for the acquisition and delivery of ongoing Geotechnical and Geological coverage between 2019 to 2021. JDK’s Rock Engineering Team have been providing extensive geotechnical expertise towards the interpretation of the current and forecasted conditions. JDK employs industry best practices to manage, control and prevent underground risk during production and maintenance. All work by the JDK Team was completed safely, within budget and on time while meeting requirements of the mines design and OMS standards.