JDK can provide a wide range of construction material testing services for commercial, residential and government projects. Our specialist technical teamwork with our clients for a tailored approach to solutions that are practical to implement.


JDK provides compaction testing services during the construction phase to verify that the compaction is following the specification. We are qualified and experienced leaders, with our geotechnical engineers highly skilled in soft soils, aggregates, rock, and concrete. We offer the following services for commercial, residential, and government projects:

Services include:

  • Level 1 and level 2 compaction testing framework for project compliance
  • Monitoring of earthworks and assessment of materials during the construction phase 
  • NATA approved reporting through our third-party NATA Accredited labs
  • Deflection and compaction testing
  • Proctor compaction testing
  • SPT and CPT testing
  • Nuclear Density Gauge Method
  • Sand Replacement Method

Soil/Aggregate/Rock Testing

JDK can provide a number of soils, rock and aggregate testing techniques for various materials and projects. We are capable of undertaking testing for;

  • Bulk density analysis
  • Rock-quality designation (RQD) testing and analysis
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

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