Water infrastructure projects demand professional evaluation of environmental impacts and critical ground conditions. JDK specialises in water flow systems, including open-channel flows, river systems, pipeline designs, and hydraulic structures. We offer advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional numerical modelling and scale physical modelling for the following hydraulic structures:

Hydraulic Structures;

  • Pump intakes
  • Channel intakes
  • Outlets
  • Spillways
  • River diversions
  • Weirs and levees
  • Gates

Design of drainage systems:

  • Culverts
  • Chutes
  • Open channels
  • Gutters, pits, and pipes

Designs for protection against scour and erosion in earth and rock:

  • Sediment transport
  • Channel or embankment stabilisation
  • Stable chute design
  • Erosion protection – rip-rap, gabions, vegetation
  • Scour of spillways and unlined channels
  • Design of pipe and open channel networks

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