Narrow’s Inlet Hydro Electric Project


The project included the delivery and installation of the following infrastructure.

  • Up to three hydroelectric generating stations with a combined design capacity of 33 megawatts:
  • Chickwat Creek - A conventional run-of-river hydroelectric generating station with a design capacity of 19 megawatts (MW).
  • Upper Ramona Creek - A hydroelectric generating station that uses Ramona Lake as its water source with a design capacity of 7 MW.
  • Lower Ramona Creek - A run-of-river hydroelectric generating station that uses water from Ramona Creek and the outflow from the Upper Ramona Creek component as its water sources with a design capacity of 7 MW.


Narrow’s Inlet Hydro Electric Project


BluEarth Renewables / MPMSI


British Columbia, Canada

Time Frame



$287 million


JDK acted as the project's representative project manager of the hydroelectric development consisting of three hydroelectricity generating power stations with capabilities of producing a combined total of 33MW. JDK effectively delivered the client's needs and requirements for the successful and efficient delivery of the project.

Value Added to Project

JDK’s professional interaction with relevant stakeholders, extensive geotechnical expertise, and interpretation of the methodology used to manage and control risk proved highly successful. JDK completed all work safely, within budget, and on time while meeting the requirements of the design of the contract. Our precise inferences of ground conditions allowed the client to adhere to their deliverables schedule and utilize their resources efficiently.

Project Highlights